Prince Hades Johnson is the fourth-born child of the olympian leaders: Zeus & Hera the younger brother of Sierra Johnson, the younger paternal half-brother of D'Andre & Zack Johnson, the older twin brother of Princess Johnson & the older brother of an Unborn Child.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Olympian Physiology: Being the son of Zeus he has the abilities of a psychic olympian and he many psychic abilities including:
  • Telekinesis: Having cosmic abilities, Prince has exceptional telekinetic abilities so he can move objects with the flick of his hand.
    • Advanced Telepathy: Being a psychic, Prince has the ability to read others thoughts from a distance and can make the connection stronger.
  • Molecular Disintegration: With his telekinetic abilities he can manipulate his molecular energy, so he can break apart molecules of any object or of a person to kill the,.
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