Sierra Demeter Johnson is the eldest daughter of Zeus & Hera, the younger paternal half-sister of D'Andre Johnson, the older paternal half-sister of Zack Johnson, the older sister of twins: Prince & Princess Johnson, & an Unborn Child.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Magnetokinesis: Being an Energy Manipulator Sierra has the ability to control and manipulate magnetic forms of various magnetism and metals, in a simple manner of telekinesis.
  • Ferrokinesis: Sierra can control various metals and magnetism so they could attract or even repel each other. She can ferrokinetically halt objects in the air, or even levitate things in different ways.
  • Electromagnetism: Sierra can manipulate various types of electromagnetic fields and even electrical currents, allowing her to have control over electrical appliances, to blow out lights when she's angry or even shut down electrical sources with electromagnetic pulses wave. (EMP)
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