Zackary Zeus Poseidon "Zack" Johnson is the third-born child of the olympian god Zeus & Isabella Rodriquez, the step-son of Julio Rodriquez, the younger brother of D'Andre Johnson, the younger paternal half-brother of Sierra Johnson, the older maternal half-brother of Sofia Rodriquez, the older paternal half-brother of Prince & Princess Johnson & and an Unborn Child.

Biography Edit

  • Birth

Zackary Zeus Poseidon Johnson was born on May 25th 2004 to Isabella Rodriquez & Zeus, The Olympian God.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Olympian-Demi-God, Human Physiology: Zack is one of two special species known as a Hybrid he has the abilities of an Olympian, a Human inherited, from his mother & his father he has many powerful abilities as the strongest in the entire universe.
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Being an Olympian hybrid he is known as one of the most powerful olympians ever and can manipulate the cosmic energy of the heavens.
    • Divine Energy Generation: As the son of Zeus, Zack has incredible control over the supernatural divine energy of Olympian Gods which he usually emits through his Claws Of Light as he clashes them together, he releases a blast of large spherical blue, purple & pink energy.
  • Electrokinesis: Inherited from Zeus, Zack can manipulate and control divine electrokinetic energy or even lightning straight from Mount Olympus and use it to transform it into a ball and use it as a projectile, create a rope of energy to wrap around others or even use his electricity to create a shockwave of energy to send everyone thrown back.
  • Superhuman Strength: Being an Olympian he has the strength of an superhuman-enhanced hybrid, he is strong enough tp grab a pole and throw it at another regular Olympian.
  • Shadow Teleportation: Having a demonic side he has the ability to create shadow and move threw them and transport to various locations as long as he has a shadow to create or move threw.
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